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Three Consult Plus video pods for remote consultations in an outpatiend waiting area

Transforming Real Estate
With Increased Appointment Capacity

Transform Real Estate
& Patient Care With Virtual Consultancy

Cost-Effective Streamlined services

Free up valuable physical space and increase outputs

Increase Privacy & Convenience

Maintain patient dignity and reduce DNAs

Enhance Patient Choice and Experiences

Decrease travel costs and increase engagement

Support Staff

Manageable workload that supports a healthy work life balance

Reduce Physical Contact and Cross-Infection

Maintain wellbeing without exposure to virus's

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduces carbon emissions significantly with less transport

Meet The
Consult Pods

Consult Flex Virtual Consultation Pod for video calls
Private, modular, acoustic booths, optimized for remote consultations



18% Reduction

More appointments
per month made possible with virtual
In the DNA rate when using virtual consultations

Client Stories

Our Journey

Our mission is to help save lives by supporting healthcare providers in tackling waiting times.  For over three decades we've innovated with some of the world’s leading companies from our research centers in London, New York & Los Angeles to refine workflow and increase outputs.

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