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Our mission is to help save lives by supporting healthcare providers in tackling waiting times.  For over three decades we've innovated with some of the world’s leading companies from our research centers in London, New York & Los Angeles to refine workflow and increase outputs.

Medical Consultation

Our Solutions



An individual virtual consultation pod designed to accommodate the principle need of an acoustically enhanced private space with a focus on constultant wellbeing and healthy materials.


Uniquely engineered to provide an optimal and inclusive video conferencing experience, and is  specifically designed to ensure user comfort and provide the necessary privacy for patient and consultant alike.

Consult Flex


Crafted to create a commodious experience to alleviate the stress of intense periods of back-to-back consulting. Supporting best practice with an integrated, technology solution as well as exceptional visual and acoustic privacy.

Our Clients

51 Million

Video or phone GP consultations between March and July 2020

18% Reduction

In the 'did not attend' rate among patients using consultations delivered by phone or video

Over Half

Of all GP Consultations were delivered by video or phone between March and July 2020

Our Insights


Transforming the Patient Journey

The pandemic is forcing digital innovation in healthcare at speed. Yet there is another driver, coming from the patients themselves who want to embrace video consultations and the accompanying efficiencies. 

Digital Innovation in Healthcare

Recent innovations in digital technology are transforming our lives, from the way we bank, to how we shop, yet it still has to make major inroads into how we plan and deliver our healthcare.


6 Challenges of Virtual Consultancy and How to...

Virtual consultancy has become very popular recently, especially as the arrival of COVID-19 has significantly changed the healthcare landscape, and it seems that video conferencing is here to stay.

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