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The Journey of Spacestor Healthcare

Spacestor Healthcare is part of the global workspace furniture brand – Spacestor: creators of workspace furniture that combines California cool with London design.

The Spacestor mission is to help people by improving their workspace. Simply put, Spacestor love people and every product is designed, manufactured, and installed to help someone be more comfortable, efficient, collaborative, motivated, and proud of the place they work. After all, who wants to spend one-third of their life in a dreary cubicle. We want people to love their work environment and smile more while they’re doing it.

Throughout nearly three decades, Spacestor established themselves as a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking in the UK. Over ten years ago, Spacestor spotted a major shift in workspace culture and took the decision to open a Design Centre in California, USA. This has given Spacestor a unique position to observe and learn from the companies that are driving this culture change.

Spacestor has had great experience working with both cultures and clients like Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Jaguar Land Rover to name a few, as well as number of clients within healthcare such as Pfizer, One Medical and Genentech.

At the heart of Spacestor are our core values, one of these that has been fundamental to our success right from day 1 is our focus on innovation. As Spacestor has grown, a specific focus on healthcare became a great opportunity to use the expertise gained from our product design and development with large corporate firms to help transform healthcare.

In particular, Spacestor worked with one of the worlds largest tech companies to co-create the first ever modular acoustic pod designed for video calls. Developed over 2 years the Spacestor Residence Connect takes in every aspect of furniture, audiovisual and user experience. With a focused approach to creating the ultimate video environment that is inclusive and accessible to all, the Residence Consult Plus, our Healthcare variant of the product, has become a key product in the success of Spacestor Healthcare.

Spacestor Healthcare have now worked with a number of NHS Trusts and developed good relationships to understand requirements from all stakeholders, including Consultants, Executives and Patients, that has enabled best solutions to be developed for healthcare transformation, in particular telemedicine. Check out our latest case studies here



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