Insights Live

Insights Live is a series of virtual expert panel discussions with industry thought-leaders on healthcare transformation.

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#1: Redesigning Patient Care & Transforming Real Estate with Virtual Consultations

Our panel look at the opportunities presented by the adoption of virtual consultancy to transform patient care and real estate within the NHS.

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#2: Transforming Real Estate and Patient Care: Addressing Care for Children with Long-Term Conditions

Our panel to look at how virtual consultations can help in reducing digital poverty , as well as looking at ways of better supporting children with long term conditions.

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#3: Inclusivity for Everyone: Addressing Digital Inequalities Within Communities

​​Join our panel as we look at addressing the common myths and challenges around digital inclusion and discuss how to make digital healthcare equitable for all communities.

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#4: The Future of Healthcare: Estates & Digital Transformation

​​Ideas and concepts to transform healthcare are ever evolving, making the future of healthcare an exciting prospect. Our panel will be discussing how digital transformation is gaining momentum and new trends to watch out for in the future of healthcare.

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#5: Transforming Healthcare with Design: Putting Staff Wellbeing at the Centre

Our panel will discuss how healthcare design is changing and what is needed to improve staff wellbeing that as a result will improve healthcare services.

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#6: Flexibility and Adaptability: What are the Challenges and Opportunities for Estates?

We are on an ever evolving journey that requires flexibility and adaptability from staff, patients, services and infrastructure, join our panel as we look at the challenges and opportunities for healthcare estates.