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Case Study: The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is one of the largest acute and community providers in the West Midlands, having more than 850 beds on the New Cross site. As the largest employer in Wolverhampton the Trust employs more than 9,400 staff, covering more than 350 different roles.

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust saw the need to integrate virtual into their everyday practice to enable them to run more clinics. They were in need of more clinical rooms, but with the introduction of virtual clinics it reduced the need for new real estate and allowed the repurposing of existing real estate, with quick and hassle-free installation of private modular booths.

The Ophthalmology department particularly were looking to run more virtual clinics, either by phone of video call, to increase output and free up larger clinical rooms for when they were needed for face-to-face clinics.

Working with the Ophthalmology and Real Estate teams, Spacestor Healthcare came up with a scheme comprising of two different size booth options to meet the different needs within the department. Using the Consult Flex for all the booths provided flexibility and ensured the appropriate size booths were created to allow the best working space for virtual clinics, ensuring focus and productivity.

Two of the pods were the standard size Consult Flex with height adjustable desks, allowing space for a PC, monitor, phone, and relevant papers. With the third booth, we designed a larger configuration to allow more room for the consultant during clinics, as this meant they could have two monitor screens to view documents and the patient on video call at the same time. Clinicians found the flexibility of the height adjustable desk great as it provided an option to stand up during clinics or sit down on an ergonomic chair.

The Ophthalmology department have found these a great addition, as it provides flexibility of working and increases productivity throughout the team.



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