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Case Study: University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Southampton General Hospital is University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust’s largest location, with a great number of specialist services based here, ranging from neurosciences and oncology to pathology and cardiology.

The Urology department were anticipating their clinical space would be adequate for at least the next four to five years. The unit was built in 2019 and they've already outgrown the clinical space now in early 2023.

Working with the Transformation team and Urology department, we identified an opportunity to transform existing estate and utilise space more efficiently with modular pods. The pods have allowed the Urology department to expand on phone clinics to support emergency outreach phone services.

Hear from Clare Tull, manager within Urology, as she explains the problems pods have been able to overcome.

Remote consultation pod for clinics and Southampton NHS
Private consultation pod in the Urology department

With the lack of space within the Urology department, there wasn't enough facilities for quiet spaces that staff needed for private conversations. Using acoustic pods provided a quiet space to enable these confidential conversations with ease.

It also helps the patient flow through the Urology unit for emergency advice, it's a quiet space you can go and speak to patients to maintain the patient privacy which wasn't always possible before.

The private pods also provide an area for staff to go and focus on work without being disturbed. Ward areas and the open office area are noisy places with distractions so giving staff a private place to focus on work improves their productivity.



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