Consult Flex

Crafted to provide a commodious experience to alleviate the stress of intense periods of back-to-back consulting. Supporting best practice with an integrated, all-inclusive technology solution combined with exceptional visual and acoustic privacy.

A highly adaptable and modular way of creating private consulting space. With a commodious interior, Consult Flex provides an unparalleled video consulting experience with exceptional visual and acoustic privacy. High levels of modularity are integrated into the construction of the product, meaning each VC pod can be dismantled and rebuilt with ease and at high speed by the in-house facilities team. The entire assembly process can be completed using only hand tools. Once inside the pod it supports best practice with an integrated, all-inclusive technology solution, featuring a dual monitor option, power, lighting and ventilation.

The Consult Flex is certified with a Declare Label! A Declare Label gives the

ultimate in material transparency, issued by the International Living Future Institute.

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Product Features


USB Charging Point


Adjustable airflow with controls designed for all levels of dexterity


Ergonomically adjustable table and monitor height


Cable management within ceiling


FSC compliant timber used


Range of wipeable, anti-microbial upholstery fabric


Power Plinth


Level access booths 
(DDA compliant)


Modular Components


MFC/ Plywood Panel


Glazed Panel


Door Panel


Desk & Monitor Module



Patient confidentiality is a prime consideration. The freedom of the plug and play concept allows 
for the Consult Flex to be built anywhere, utilising waiting rooms, corridors and community spaces. Confidentiality is maintained  through a certified 29db  sound rating with visual privacy controlled with an option for privacy film to some or all of the glazed section.



Consult Flex has been uniquely designed to deliver the best video conference experience in the best environment. Stringent attention has been given to all aspects of the physical environment including internal dimensions, desk size and position, technology, power, and airflow. With back-to-back consultations lasting 4 hours, often under  stressful  conditions,  the  experience  has  to  support  the  difficult  task  performed  by  professional users.



For a high-traffic consultancy pod, a durable and wipeable upholstery fabric will provide  the most practical and hygienic surface. The leather-look vinyl upholstery of Consult Flex has an additional proven vinyl protective coating that’s engineered to create a tough, effective barrier against germs, abrasion and stains, including protection against coronaviruses, including influenza.



Close attention to easy access has been built into the system. All versions of have a threshold strip allowing the user's preferred chair to be wheeled in. The height-adjustable table means greater inclusivity and the simple use handle ensures users of all dexterities have an equal experience.



A  key  feature  of  the  Consult Flex  is  its  modular, 'sum of parts' nature.  As  estates 
requirements change, Consult Flex changes with it. The entire assembly process can be completed using only hand tools, and it's modular nature means the system can flex to be made larger or small as needs change. Changes can be made by a Spacestor fitting team or we can train your own FM team to undertake changes.



The Consult range is based around the plug and play principle. Modules are assembled on site and the system can be dismantled and rebuilt with ease and at high speed by the in-house facilities team. Options for data connectivity include wired ethernet access or connection to the main building Wifi.



Security options include free access for security controlled environments or the option to restrict access to approved users; a key requirement if pods are located in public areas like waiting rooms or  corridors. Accessibility can be incorporated into the building management access control system to minimise admin. Enhanced asset management can be achieved by incorporating this into meeting space booking systems ensuring a space is always free for a consultant’s scheduled clinic.




Consult Flex

D: 1936, W: 1336, H: 2405 (mm)

D:76 1/4", W:52 5/8", H:94 3/4"

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