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Redesigning Patient Care with Virtual Consultations: The 6 Key Drivers of Change

Virtual consultations have increased dramatically throughout the past two years, spurred on by Covid these have now become part of the future of healthcare, but what’s driving virtual consultations? Following research, piloting, and trialing across NHS trusts nationally with virtual consultation pods, what has emerged are 6 drivers and benefits for your outpatient and real estate strategy:

  1. Creating cost-effective streamlined services Secure consultation booths free up valuable physical space, such as clinical rooms, and improve workflow, making care co-ordination easier with less effort required to attend appointments.

  2. Enhancing patient choice and experiences Blended models of care offer improved convenience and decrease travel costs, with video communication enhancing engagement and patient experience.

  3. Reducing physical contact and fear of cross-infection Virtual minimises physical contact so clinicians can support their patients without compromising their wellbeing and avoid exposure to potential pathogens.

  4. Enhancing privacy and convenience Maintaining high levels of patient trust and confidentiality is essential and is one of the top concerns patients have about engaging with digital technology.

  5. Supporting staff wellbeing Virtual consultations help practitioners arrange their workload in a way that will support a healthy work life balance.

  6. Reducing carbon footprint Removing the need for patients to travel to and from hospitals for on-site consultations reduces carbon emissions significantly as no transport is needed.

To find out more about these 6 drivers and the research behind them please download our full whitepaper.



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