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Insights Live #4 - The Future of Healthcare: Estates & Digital Transformation

Join us for Healthcare Insights Live Episode #4: Thursday 21st July, 12pm to 12.45pm

Ideas and concepts to transform healthcare are ever evolving, making the future of healthcare an exciting prospect. Estates and digital transformation has a big part to play in improving services, systems and design. Our panel will be discussing how digital transformation is gaining momentum and new trends to watch out for in the future of healthcare estates.

Watch the recording below:


Meet the Panel:

Dan Gibson, Director and Principal Consultant at MJ Medical Ltd

Danny is the Technical Director of MJ Medical with over 25 years’ experience in health planning, equipment planning, medical planning, healthcare design & briefing, Healthcare Project Management and medical equipment procurement. Danny’s key strength lies in understanding and navigating the complex journey from developing a considered model of care to determining the design which will best facilitate the delivery of that model. A visiting lecturer at the Medical Architecture Research Unit at London South Bank University, he is a passionate advocate of an evidence-based approach to healthcare facility design. Danny has a focus on enabling healthcare systems and buildings to respond to emerging trends in clinical best practice and medical technologies.

Steve Leivers, Director of Turnaround and Transformation at NHS

Steve is a skilled board level director with a track record of delivering sustainable financial balance in challenging situations in NHS Trusts. Over the last decade he has led a number of major cost reduction programmes, clinical transformation projects and turnaround programmes across the NHS delivering savings of £750m.

Shane Barry, Concept Advisor at Spacestor Healthcare

Shane works with Spacestor clients to find solutions to the everchanging healthcare landscape. An experience in design and innovation makes problem solving a key trait Shane brings to clients, along with his passion for health, design and digital trends. Shane's work with Spacestor has focused on solving real estate problems with architectural, space defining furniture and redesigning workflows with NHS clients to help the Outpatient Transformation Programme.

Alex Harvey, VP Sales at Spacestor Healthcare

Experienced Vice President of Sales with a demonstrated history of building strong & lasting client relationships working in the workplace and healthcare industries for 25 years. With his extensive experience working with global clients such as Google, Amazon, JP Morgan and Fujitsu, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge to the table when problem-solving for real estate needs and user experience. He is especially interested in the opportunities available to many industries through digital transformation accelerated by Covid, and to this end has recently been involved in a number of projects cantered on remote consultations in healthcare with forward-thinking UK NHS trusts.




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