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People vs Digital: How Do We Transform Healthcare for the Better? Healthcare Insights Live Ep. 12

Join us for an engaging and insightful webinar titled "People vs Digital - How Do We Transform Healthcare for the Better?" where we delve into the dynamic intersection of human-centered care and digital innovation. As the healthcare landscape evolves, digital transformation holds the promise of enhanced efficiency, improved patient outcomes, and greater accessibility. However, this shift also brings daily challenges and frustrations, from technology adoption to maintaining the personal touch in patient care. 

In this webinar, industry experts will explore the critical balance between leveraging digital tools and maintaining a people-centric approach. Through real-world case studies, interactive discussions, and expert insights, we will examine how to navigate the complexities of digital transformation while keeping the focus on patient and provider needs. Discover strategies to overcome common obstacles, foster collaboration, and ultimately create a healthcare system that harmonizes the best of both worlds. 

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and actionable strategies to transform healthcare for the better. Register now and be part of the conversation that is shaping the future of healthcare. 

Recording now available to watch below!


Guest panel:

Bukky Omopariola

Interim In Reach Manager, North Central London ICB

“I am a registered nurse with over 25 years of experience, and my passion for continuous learning has been instrumental in my professional growth. This growth, in turn, has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of various aspects of nursing, from patient care to healthcare management. I find inspiration in diverse sources, from podcasts to everyday experiences like a supermarket run. This curiosity, coupled with my unwavering 'people-centric' approach, has shaped my values and underscored the importance of paying it forward in my professional journey.”

Ben Jeeves

Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer (ACCIO) & Clinical Safety Officer (CSO), Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

“I am currently an Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer (ACCIO) with Clinical Safety Officer (CSO) duties and remain clinically active as an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP) in an integrated MSK service at Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation trust. I also hold a position on the Digital Health Networks CCIO advisory panel.

I qualified in 2008 as a physiotherapist and specialised in musculoskeletal (MSK). I undertook my Masters study in Sport & Exercise Medicine, after which I had a role as an advanced practitioner in an Emergency department. I later moved to a community MSK service where I had the privilege to lead the digital work stream to integrate the MSK service within which I worked, with podiatry, physiotherapy and community pain services.

I truly believe digital holds the central role in meeting the healthcare needs of the future but see daily the challenges and frustrations that can come with digital and digital transformation.

When not immersed in the worlds of digital, clinical practice and professional leadership you can find me out on my bike, in the garden, clowning about with my kids or somewhere in-between.”



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