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Transforming Healthcare with Design: Putting Staff Wellbeing at the Centre - Insights Live #5

Healthcare Insights Live Episode #5: Recording available below.

The significant changes in the way healthcare is delivered over the past few years has led to increased pressures on staff and their working environments. With estates often designed around the patient preference, staff needs can be left uncatered for in healthcare design.

Our panel will discuss how healthcare design is changing and what is needed to improve staff wellbeing that as a result will improve healthcare services.


Meet the panel

Melanie Jacobsen Cox

Head of Healthcare at HLM Architects

Mel joined HLM as Head of Healthcare in early 2022 bringing with her extensive experience in the technical project delivery of healthcare architecture across a variety of clinical projects ranging up to £30 million. She is inspired by refining processes and efficiency whilst building a network of best practice to enable healthcare providers to deliver improved care for patients through the thoughtful design of therapeutic and healing environments. Mel is responsible for expanding and advocating the extensive expertise of the HLM healthcare leadership team, strategically growing existing business relationships and creating new opportunities nationally across all areas of the healthcare industry.

Robert Etchell

Director at Llewelyn Davies

Robert is the Health Sector leader responsible for a dedicated specialised clinical design and delivery team within our practice, having worked on many international and national healthcare projects, both as clinical design lead and client technical advisor. His recent project experience includes the delivery of new national healthcare systems for international governments, requiring key stakeholder engagement and management. Robert also sits as a main board director of UKIHMA, a membership organisation of both public and private healthcare organisations and suppliers, which with the UK Department of Trade and Healthcare UK promote British healthcare expertise around the world.

Shane Barry

Concept Advisor at Spacestor Healthcare

Shane works with Spacestor clients to find solutions to the everchanging healthcare landscape. An experience in design and innovation makes problem solving a key trait Shane brings to clients, along with his passion for health, design and digital trends. Shane's work with Spacestor has focused on solving real estate problems with architectural, space defining furniture and redesigning workflows with NHS clients to help the Outpatient Transformation Programme.

Alex Harvey

VP Sales at Spacestor Healthcare

Experienced Vice President of Sales with a demonstrated history of building strong & lasting client relationships working in the workplace and healthcare industries for 25 years. With his extensive experience working with global clients such as Google, Amazon, JP Morgan and Fujitsu, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge to the table when problem-solving for real estate needs and user experience. He is especially interested in the opportunities available to many industries through digital transformation accelerated by Covid, and to this end has recently been involved in a number of projects cantered on remote consultations in healthcare with forward-thinking UK NHS trusts.



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