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Transforming Healthcare Estates: Creating a Sustainable, Flexible and Future-proof Design

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We are on an ever evolving journey, living in a world of constant beta, and the traditional method of design isn’t flexible enough. Healthcare estates require require flexibility and adaptability to ensure we can keep up with the changes whilst being sustainable - Join our next Insights Live episode as we unpack how we can future-proof healthcare design.

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Speaker bio's

Toby Banfield

Associate Director at Archus

BA (Hons), MA, PGDipMan; Architects for Health; Centre for Health Design

Toby is an experienced health services consultant, he worked as a health planner and manager in the UK Health Service for many years at different levels before moving into consultancy. Toby is also a DQI Assessor for the CIC (Construction Industry Council). He has also contributed both written and technical responses for ongoing HBN and New Hospital Programme guidance and advice documentation.

Toby’s healthcare planning has involved a variety of health schemes and types from primary care facilities through to numerous secondary and tertiary referral hospitals.

Toby has spoken at numerous events, on the morphology of hospital design; how to develop a good design brief; and stakeholder engagement. He is active in pushing forward new thinking and how future guidance should be developed. He is passionate about health planning, the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Toby has worked throughout the UK; the Middle East – Qatar and Abu Dhabi; Ukraine; South Atlantic; China; Ireland

Alex Senciuc

Senior Architect at Medical Architecture

Alex is an experienced healthcare architect with 8 years of international experience working on a wide-range of healthcare projects in the UK, Canada, France, Morocco, and Liberia, with a project portfolio including the North Manchester General Hospital, St Ann’s Blossom Court in North London, and the National Forensic Mental Health Hospital in Dublin. More recently, his work has specialised on strategic health planning aspects such as demand and capacity and schedules of accommodation, working on a number of business cases with NHS Dorset, Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, as well as a regional estates strategy with Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust.

Alex has a vested interest in strategic health planning of NHS Integrated Care Systems. To this end he is completing his PhD course at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, where he is developing a simulation-based framework to address system-wide service transformation challenges across discipline and organisational boundaries. His research proposes a new approach based on collaboration between clinical, workforce, infrastructure, and business planning communities.

Shane Barry

Concept Advisor at Spacestor Healthcare

Shane works with Spacestor clients to find solutions to the everchanging healthcare landscape. An experience in design and innovation makes problem solving a key trait Shane brings to clients, along with his passion for health, design and digital trends. Shane's work with Spacestor has focused on solving real estate problems with architectural, space defining furniture and redesigning workflows with NHS clients to help the Outpatient Transformation Programme.



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