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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Pods & Booths for Healthcare

Pods and booths have become an essential part of adopting new ways of working. But within each users work there are different needs and expectations, meaning there's not one pod that fits all. So how do you find the right one for you or your team?

There are a number of different factors to consider when deciding on a pod, think:

What is the pod being used for?

a. Focusing on work

At times you need to focus on work but still want to be connected to the buzz of colleagues - you're not looking for a completely soundproof, private environment. Portals provide staff with a protected working area, away from the intense pressure and with sufficient privacy and space to complete productive work whilst still being connected to colleagues.

Portals, private working soundproof booths

b. Phone calls or Video calls

Not only are the increased noise levels a distraction, but only hearing half of a conversation is proven to be far more distracting than a dialogue between two people. This is because our brains constantly try to predict the inaudible utterances that constitute the other half of the conversation, hindering our ability to focus. A private, acoustic, single person pod creates the privacy and undistracted zone required.

Consult Plus, remote consultation soundproof video pods

However, most pods have primarily been designed for short phone calls, such as the Residence Max. A pod designed for video communication is quite different, such as the Residence Connect. Not only does the acoustic quality of the pod need to be optimized, but so do the aesthetics and finishes of the interior to be able to support the visual representation of all people on camera, regardless of skin tone and clothing choice. The next section explains the differences between the use of a phone pod and video pod...

How long is the pod being used for?

a. Short periods of time up to 20 minutes

If staff are making short phone calls, or spending some brief time in-between appointments to quietly focus on some work, you need an appropriate space that is comfortable for up to 20 minutes whilst being space efficient. The Residence Max is a great example of an acoustic pod that provides a quiet, private space for staff to pop in and use, but means staff won't feel comfortable spending all day in the pod due to it's size.

Consult, standing phone pod

b. Longer periods of time up to 5 hours

If clinicians are using the pods for full sessions via video communication for up to 5 hours then something more sophisticated and ergonomic is needed than the regular soundproof phone booth. Pods like the Residence Connect and Verandas take into account all the user needs and provides a space that give the ultimate user experience. These pods are larger and more accessible, allowing space for larger desks, which is needed when clinicians still have paper notes, and ergonomic task chairs which are essential for staff wellbeing when sitting for longer than 30 minutes.

Consult, video optimised acoustic consultation pod

Who is using the pod?

a. Certain persons you know

If you know the persons who will be using the pods and booths you can simply assess their needs and cater to them.

b. Anyone

The scope is a lot wider if the pods and booths are open to all staff to use, as over time staff rotate positions and people come and go. It's important to cater for all staff from day one, otherwise new product will be needed over time.

Things to think about our accessibility and inclusivity. Does the pod or booth need to:

  • be wheelchair accessible?

  • cater for users of different skin tones on video call?

  • be used sitting or standing, or both?

Both the Portals booths and soundproof Residence Max pods have wheelchair accessible options, with level thresholds and height adjustable desks. The Residence Connect has also been designed from the ground up with inclusivity in mind, user controlled bias lighting ensures optimum conditions to compliment different skin tones whilst on video call, ensuring correct visual representation.

Consult Plus, wheelchair accessible video and phone soundproof pod

To dive deeper in to the differences between a soundproof phone pod and video pod, check out our article and video explainer on the 6 differences between a phone pod and a video pod.

To compare our full range of pods and booths quickly and easily, request our one page guide.



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