Consult Plus

Crafted to provide an optimal and inclusive video conferencing experience with a focus on comfort and acoustics

Digital technology is revolutionizing the healthcare environment, just as it has many other industries. This always creates new ancillary needs. At Spacestor, we have the design thinking to meet those needs, just as we have seen and facilitated this same tech-led transformation in other industries. The ever growing acceleration in virtual experiences has proven that video consulting, or telemedicine, can address some of the key issues patients face with traditional models of outpatient care.

Consult Plus  is  uniquely  engineered  to  provide  an  optimal  and  inclusive  video  conferencing experience,  and  is  specifically  designed  to  overcome  these  challenges  for  the  ultimate  virtual consultation.

The Consult Plus is certified with a Declare Label! A Declare Label gives the

ultimate in material transparency, issued by the International Living Future Institute.

RC Declare - Copy.png

Product Features


USBC Charging Point


Controls designed for 
easier differentation and 


Increased & adjustable 
airflow for longer 
VC use


Ergonomically adjustable 
table and separately 
adjustable monitor height


Backlit screen for optimal 
inclusive VC experience


USBC power lead with 
integral cable tidy


Auto Door opener 
inside & outside on 
DDA booth


Level access booths 
(DDA compliant)




Consult Plus


Consult Plus DDA



Patient confidentiality is a prime consideration. The freedom of the plug and play concept allows 
for the Consult Plus pod to be placed anywhere, utilising waiting rooms, corridors and 
community spaces. Confidentiality is maintained  through a certified 49db  sound rating with visual privacy controlled with obscure film to some or all of the glazed section.



Consult Plus has uniquely been designed primarily as a video conferencing pod to deliver the best video conference experience. Stringent attention has been given to all aspects of the physical environment including internal dimensions, desk size and position, lighting colour, brightness and location, and airflow. With consultations lasting 4 hours, often under  stressful  conditions,  the  pod  experience  has  to  support  the  difficult  task  performed  by  professional users.



For a high-traffic consultancy pod, a durable and wipeable upholstery fabric will provide  the most practical and hygienic surface. The leather-look vinyl upholstery of Consult Plus has an additional proven vinyl protective coating that’s engineered to create a tough, effective barrier against germs, abrasion and stains, including protection against coronaviruses, including influenza.



Close attention to easy access has been built into the Consult pod. All versions of the pod have a threshold strip allowing a preferred chair to be wheeled in. The DDA version includes automated door opening and closing for wheelchair users and side and end door options are offered to accommodate multiple configurations in different shaped spaces.



A  key  feature  of  the  Consult Plus  is  its  modular  plug  and  play  flexibility.  As  estates requirements change, Consult changes with it. The Consult Plus is designed to be broken down and reassembled, multiple times, with all parts reusable. Changes can be made by a Spacestor fitting team or we can train your own FM team to undertake changes.



The Consult range is based around the plug and play principle. Modules are fully assembled with all services powered from one 3-pin plug. Options for data connectivity include wired ethernet access or connection to the main building Wifi.



Security options include free access for security controlled environments or the option to restrict access to approved users; a key requirement if pods are located in public areas like waiting rooms or  corridors. Pod accessibility can be incorporated into the building management access control system for minimum admin. Enhanced asset management can be achieved by incorporating this into meeting space booking systems ensuring a pod is always free for a consultant’s scheduled clinic.


Call nook dimensions.jpg

Consult Plus
87⅞”h x 60“w x 44¾”d
2235h x 1526w x 1137d (mm)

Consult Plus DDA
87⅞”h x 60“w x 44¾”d
2235h x 1526w x 1137d (mm)


Consult Plus Explained