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Now more than ever, the pressures on healthcare workers are increasing, causing even higher levels of anxiety and stress. Portals provide staff with a protected working area, away from the intense pressure and with sufficient privacy and space to complete productive work whilst still being connected to their colleagues. 

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With three different variations; Built-in Seat, Adjustable Desk and Wheelchair Accessible available, Portals provide the needed quiet space for anyone to focus or take a break. With a focus on inclusivity, the Wheelchair Accessible variations has a wide entry, meaning it is fully compliant with the DDA/ ADA regulations for wheelchair users. 

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Product Features

Portal private phone pod with intergrated power and USB charging

Integrated Power & USB Charging

Spacestor Healthcare Portals with usera-adjustable ariflow allowing control over a private space

Optional user-adjustable airflow

Spacestor Healthcare Portals with intergrated lighting and table for focusing on work in a soundproof pod

Integrated lighting & table

Spacestor Healthcare Portals modular constructed room

Plug & play modularity

Spacestor Healthcare Portals with an inclusive design for all users inclduing wheelchair users

DDA/ ADA accessible variations available

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Spacestor Healthcare Portal with buil-in seat for a private working pod Built-in Seat.jpg

Built-in Seat

Spacestor Portal with height asjutable desk for focusing on work

Adjustable Height Desk

Spacestor Portal DDA wheelchair accessible soundproof booth

Wheelchair Accessible

Portals with glass door.jpg

Glass Door

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With healthcare staff often working long hours, ensuring employees are given ergonomic and comfortable working spaces is essential. The research has been analysed and the built-in seat variation provides just the right ratios of desk and seat height dimensions. The adjustable desk variation allows users to bring their own ergonomic task chair, as well as using the table in a standing height position.



As with all Spacestor Healthcare products, modularity and the ability to make day two changes are built into the product. A key feature of the Portals is  its  modular plug and play flexibility. As  estates requirements change, Portals changes with them. The booth is designed to be broken down and reassembled multiple times, with all parts reusable. Changes can be made by the Spacestor Healthcare fitting team or we can train your own FM team to undertake changes.



For a high-traffic consultancy booth, a durable and wipeable upholstery material will provide the most practical and hygienic surface. The leather-look vinyl upholstery of Portals range has an additional protective coating that’s engineered to create a tough barrier against germs, abrasion and stains, including protection against coronaviruses, including influenza. Other upholstery options including Camira and Kvadrat ranges are also available.



Close attention has been paid to accessibility and inclusivity during the creation of Portals. With step-free access and a wider entry variant available, this means that your space will become accessible to all. The height-adjustable table means greater inclusivity and the simple use buttons and dials ensures users of all dexterities have an equal experience.

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More sizes available...

Portals focus pod with Built-in Seat dimensions
Portals Adjustable Desk Dimensions for soundproof work spaces
Wheelchair accessible Portal phone booth without chair dimensions

Portals, Built-in Seat

H-2235mm, W-1335mm, D-1063mm


Portals, Adjustable Desk

H-2235mm, W-1335mm, D-1063mm


Portals, Wheelchair Accessible

H-2235mm, W-2060mm, D-1363mm


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