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Railway Carriage

A customizable and modular meeting booth that allows staff to easily gather for face-to-face meetings, or touchdown to complete some focus work, in between video consultations. 

Railway Carriage is the ultimate customizable and modular meeting booth, providing spaces for staff to gather face-to-face, as well as a quiet space for focus work. With floor area becoming increasingly precious real estate, sometimes larger meeting rooms can be an expensive overkill, as more participants join remotely, the Railway Carriage has been developed to meet this exact need. Its modular design means it can be taken down and rebuilt elsewhere in the building, or at a completely different location. With in-built lighting, power, table and seating, and optional AV solutions the Railway Carriage provides the optimum meeting and touchdown solution. 

The Railway Carriage is certified with a Declare Label! A Declare Label gives the

ultimate in material transparency, issued by the International Living Future Institute.

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Product Features

Spacestor Healthcare Railway Carriage meeting room with intergrates power and USB charging

Integrated Power and USB Charging

Spacestor Healthcare Railway Carriage's for 4 and 2 people with customizable upholstery and cladding finishes for each pod

Customizable upholstery & cladding finishes

Spacestor Healthcare Railway Carriage with intergrated table and lighting inside each modular room

Integrated table & lighting

Plug and play modularity is a key feature of the Spacestor Healthcare Railway Carriage

Plug & play modularity

Spacestor Healthcare Railway Carriage with removable seat for additional storage inside the booth

Removable seat for additional storage


2 person modular meeting room


4 person modular meeting pod with built in table and seating


Large 6 person meeting booth with table and seats


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With three upholstered walls providing a cocooning effect, the acoustics both in terms of noise from inside the pod as well as outside, achieve a very high rating. This is key to allowing staff to take a complete break from their day-to-day surroundings, or ensuring that conversation within the booth doesn't affect others working nearby.



Ensuring users of all abilities are able to fully utilise the furniture in the space is essential. With Railway Carriage, we have a number of ways we can ensure that these products are as inclusive and accessible as possible. Lengthening the table beyond the end of the pod allows wheelchair users to simply wheel up and join in the conversation on a level platform. Other options include removing the seating from one side of the pod to give complete access to that side of the table. 



For a high-traffic booth, a durable and wipeable upholstery fabric will provide the most practical and hygienic surface. The leather-look vinyl upholstery option has an additional protective coating that’s engineered to create an effective barrier against germs, abrasion and stains, including protection against coronaviruses, including influenza. Other upholstery options including standard Camira & Kvadrat ranges are also available. 



As with all Spacestor Healthcare products, modularity and the ability to make day two changes are built into the product. A key feature of the  Railway Carriage is its modular plug  and play flexibility.  As estates requirements change, Railway Carriage changes with them. The booth is designed to be broken down and reassembled, multiple times, with all parts reusable. Changes can be made by a Spacestor fitting team or we can train your own FM team to undertake changes.

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2 person Railway Carriage breakout meeting space for clinicians with dimensions


W-2060mm, D-763mm, H-2025mm

Railway Carriage Dimensions for a 4 person meeting room.JPG

W-2060mm, D-1363mm, H-2025mm

Railway Carriage Dimensions of the 6 person modular meeting space

W-2060mm, D-1963mm, H-2025mm

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