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An individual consultation pod designed to accommodate the principal need of an acoustically enhanced private space with a focus on consultant wellbeing.

Benefiting from continual development and years of research at producing the best single-user pods, meet Portico. At its core, a Spacestor pod, but with seamless simplicity that has everything a user needs for focus, private working including; built-in power and lighting, ventilation, good acoustics and a glass door. Its clean and modern look allows it to flawlessly blend into your design

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Product Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a phone consultation pod and a video consultation pod?

A phone pod is designed for calls up to 20 minutes, typically used standing up or perched on a stall. Whereas a video pod is a larger booth that is optimized for video, allowing sessions of up to 5 hours comfortably in the pod. Read our comparison article to find out more.

Can you hear what's being said inside a virtual consultation pod?

Our pods have a decibel reduction rating of 35db, making the pods acoustically private. Find out more here.

How much does a virtual consultation pod cost?
It depends! But to give you an idea check out our price guide here.

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