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Recommend a New Client and Receive £75*

We value the business we receive from loyal clients who recommend us, and only think it's right to thank them with a reward.

How it works

If you recommend us to a new client and they go on to place an order with us, we'll thank you with a reward of your choice.

There is no limit to the amount of clients you can recommend but they must be a new client we haven't previously dealt with.

The recommended client must place an order for at least one of our pods from our Consult range for you to receive a reward.


Your choice of reward

Once your recommended client places an order with us, we'll be in touch to arrange your reward.

To make this simple we have a choice of two ways to claim this reward:

How to refer a friend

To let us know about a new client you would like to recommend you can:

If you recommend via email or phone please can you let us know the recommended clients:

  • Organisation name and address

  • Relevant person's name and contact details

Thank you.

Please get in touch with any questions.

*as a credit of your next order, or a gift to charity.

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