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Whitepaper: Using Remote Consultation Pods to Transform Community Healthcare

At a time of exceptional pressure within the National Health Service, traditional outpatient services are not always readily available or aligned to patients’ specific needs. The result can be missed appointments, poorer health outcomes and ultimately greater demands on secondary care services. New solutions are needed and with near-instant electronic communication now considered normal, expectations of similar convenience within primary care services are driving forward the concept of ‘virtual consulting’ in the form of video [and telephone] conferencing. With benefits for everyone, the availability of community-based digital services offers an enticing solution to a growing problem.

“Instead of bringing patients from their world into our world, we go to their world instead. It’s about meeting them where they are”15.

In our whitepaper, Using Remote Consultation Pods to Transform Community Healthcare, we cover 7 key areas that uncover the problems and solutions based a number of research sources:

  1. Fast Access to Convenient Care

  2. The Patient-Provider Disconnect

  3. Intelligent Healthcare Transformation

  4. Placing Virtual Consultation Pods in Schools

  5. Helping the Patient be Seen

  6. Pods in Public Places

  7. Cost-Effective Local Consultations



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