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Top 6 Healthcare Trends for 2023

Another year starts, and if there’s one thing that we’ve learned throughout 2022, it’s that healthcare is continuing to evolve quicker than ever before. With all that we’ve learned, it’s time to focus on the future as we look at the top 6 trends that we expect to see dominate healthcare in 2023.

1. Commute-worthy Hospitals

Hospitals are moving to create a destination space by providing inviting, relaxed, and supportive environments that make patients and staff feel at home.

2. Hospital Culture that Supports Healthy Minds

A hospital culture must be inclusive to all staff and prioritise employee health and wellbeing, to attract top talent as well as amplifying the staff experience and reduce burnout.

3. Right Place Care

Care is moved away from hospitals to enable faster, improved services for patients through widespread integration using diagnostic centres and elective care hubs.

4. Healthcare Anywhere

A drive for faster care is made possible through technology making care accessible wherever patients are, using wearables, remote monitoring, and virtual care.

5. ‘Not so fast’ Artificial Intelligence

AI continues to become a key tool with efficient improved care methods, but not as fast as it’s needed to replace the lack of staff and make better doctors.

6. Futureproofing with Flexibility

Uncertainty and continuous innovation will lead to a more flexible infrastructure that enables hospitals to adapt to meet demands with minimum disruption.

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