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How to Fund Remote Consultation Pods: Top Tips and Insights for Writing a Successful Business Case

Funding holds the key to implementing a successful transformation programme, making it a vital part of the journey within healthcare transformation.

Whilst some healthcare organisations may have funding already allocated to this cause, others, such as a number of NHS Trusts, need to request funding that requires a successful business case. Sources of funding for remote consultation pods can include

  • Your dedicated charity - Some Trust's charities will fund the developments

  • Existing budget - Some departments may already have funding for developments or be able to re-allocate funds from another area in the department

  • Request for funding through capital bids by writing a business case

  • Government funding schemes

To help those needing to write a business case to grant funding for virtual consultation pods, we've put together some of the key facts, data and feedback we've gained through our work with NHS Trusts.

Where funding isn't immediately available, clients have found it beneficial to install a trial pod that helps to provide feedback and insights to help write a tailored business case. Find out more about our trials.

Let's get to the tools.

Tool 1 - Case Study Guidance Document

Firstly is our document highlighting the key benefits and advantages of remote consultation pods, backed up by feedback and data from Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Business Case Guidance - Spacestor Healthcare
Download PDF • 803KB

Tool 2 - Full Whitepaper business

The second tool is a comprehensive whitepaper on redesigning patient care with virtual consultation pods, looking at the problem they solve, as well as the drivers and benefits. Backed up with data and insights from creditable sources, this whitepaper gives all the detail you need.



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